August 23, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Roofing in Joliet: Understanding City Ordinance 7456 and What It Means for Roof Repairs

The Ultimate Guide to Roofing in Joliet: Understanding City Ordinance 7456 and What It Means for Roof Repairs

The City of Joliet, known for its historical architectural beauty, is equally stringent when it comes to preserving and maintaining its buildings, especially roofing. However, navigating City Ordinances can be a daunting task for the average homeowner. Enter City of Joliet Ordinance 7456. This is the guide you've been searching for.

A Deeper Dive into Ordinance 7456 Section 8-5

The ordinance commences by clarifying a crucial aspect: For subjects not directly outlined in the ordinance (with roofs not having a dedicated section), requirements pivotal for structural, fire, sanitary, or safety considerations of an existing structure are left at the discretion of the inspector, based on their interpretation of the ordinances.

Section 8-9e and The 2015 International Building Code

This section emphasizes that any repairs done to existing roofs must strictly adhere to the Building Code. Given that the 2015 International Building Code is the adopted standard for Joliet, several stipulations come into play:

  1. No Patching Allowed: Quite explicitly, the ordinance doesn’t mince words. Patching of roofs is simply not permitted.
  2. Material Compatibility: The roof covering materials should be harmonious with the existing roof. They should meet all pertinent standards and be delivered in identifiable packages showcasing the manufacturer's identification and approved testing agency labels.
  3. Roof Recovering: If your existing roof is waterlogged, deteriorated, or lacks a sturdy base for recovering, adding new materials is not permitted. This also applies if the roof already has two or more coverings.
  4. Reinstallation of Specific Materials: Materials like slate, clay, or cement tile can be reinstalled. But it requires the removal of existing materials and replacing damaged or broken tiles. The new tiles must seamlessly blend with the old ones to provide a uniform look.
  5. Mandatory Solid Sheathing: This is now a standard requirement.
  6. Approved Underlayment: Underlayments must be of a type that's approved. Additionally, proper installation of ice and water shields along eave edges and valleys is emphasized.

The Unspoken Rule of Roof Patching in Joliet

What stands out the most from the ordinance is the City of Joliet’s stringent stance on roof patching. Patching is understood as any number of shingle replacements on a given slope of the roof. Thus, any roofing permit application proposing a blend of new and existing shingles on a slope won't get the green light. Full slope replacements are the only go-to, with materials listed under subsection 4 being the exception.

Why One Slope Can Result in a Full Roof Replacement

Given Joliet’s stringent stipulations against patching and the necessity for underlayment continuity, a full slope replacement can cascade into a more extensive project. As you address one slope and ensure the underlayment laps over connecting sections, you might find that the adjoining slopes also need attention to maintain the roof's uniformity and structural integrity. Before you know it, what started as a single slope replacement can transform into a full roof overhaul.

In Conclusion

Navigating through the roofing requirements set by the City of Joliet can seem complicated, but with this guide in hand, homeowners can be better prepared and knowledgeable. Whether planning a roofing project or simply staying informed, understanding the intricacies of Ordinance 7456 is imperative.

If you’re a homeowner in Joliet, always ensure your roofing contractors are fully aware of these guidelines to avoid potential complications. The beauty and integrity of Joliet’s homes depend on it.

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