July 26, 2023

Temporary Roof Repair and Tarping Joliet

Temporary Roof Repair and Tarping Joliet

The Importance of Using a Temporary Tarp to Protect Your Home After a Windstorm

Windstorms, whether in Joliet, Mokena, Tinley Park, Orland Park, or Crest Hill, can wreak havoc on homes, tearing apart roofs and leaving residences vulnerable to water damage. If your home in these areas or any surrounding neighborhoods has suffered roof damage after a storm, it's crucial to act quickly and smartly. Here’s why using a temporary tarp can be a lifesaver for your home and pocket.

Immediate Protection

No matter if you're in Orland Park or Tinley Park, roof damages can expose the internal structures of your home to the elements. Water can seep through the gaps, leading to structural damages, mold growth, and damage to your belongings. A temporary tarp acts as a shield, preventing rain, debris, and pests from further compromising your home.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance policies in places like Mokena or Crest Hill cover the damages caused by windstorms. Even better, many insurance providers will also cover the costs of temporary repairs like the placement of a tarp. By acting immediately and using a tarp, you can ensure that the cost of this preventative measure is covered by your insurance.

Avoid Future Non-covered Damages

While insurance might cover the initial damages from the storm, future damages that arise due to negligence can be excluded from your coverage. This is true whether you're in Joliet or any other area. If you leave your damaged roof exposed and, as a result, your drywall caves in or you face other subsequent damages, those additional costs could fall on your shoulders. Ignoring the need for a temporary tarp can end up being a costly mistake.

Keeps Repair Costs Down

By preventing water and debris from entering your home, you're not only protecting your possessions and internal structures but also saving money. Water damage, in particular, can be expensive to fix, whether in Orland Park, Mokena, or Crest Hill. Mold remediation, replacing damaged furniture, or repairing a compromised foundation can all add up. By using a tarp, you're minimizing potential repair costs.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home, whether in Joliet or Tinley Park, is protected, even temporarily, can provide significant peace of mind during a challenging time. As you navigate the insurance claims process and wait for repairs, a tarp ensures that you won't be dealing with additional stressors like unexpected leaks or additional damages.


Windstorms are unpredictable and can cause severe damages to homes across Joliet, Mokena, Tinley Park, Orland Park, and Crest Hill. But homeowners have the power to mitigate further damages with a simple yet effective solution: a temporary tarp. Not only will this essential step potentially be covered by insurance, but it will also protect your investment from future uncovered damages. Don't gamble with your home's safety or your financial well-being. After a storm, play it smart, and secure your home with a tarp.

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