July 26, 2023

Shingle prices have risen again

Shingle prices have risen again

🚨🔥 ATTENTION: The Roofing World is Shaking Once More! 🔥🚨

Contractors and Homeowners, if your recent budget adjustments had you breathe a sigh of relief, I'm here with some news that might make you gasp again.

What's Happening?

Just when we thought the price inflation was taking a backseat, it's veered into the fast lane. In a mere span of 60 days since they last lightened our wallets, Shingle Manufacturers are tightening the financial noose once more. And if you’ve been too engrossed in the latest Netflix binge (no judgment here) and missed it, let me break it down: Shingle prices are rocketing yet again!

"But, Matt... 60 Days? Really?"

Yes! I hear you. It's a blink of an eye. A single work project. Heck, it’s two months of gym membership you swore you'd use every day (but let’s face it, you didn’t). In this ever-volatile market, challenges rain down on us without warning. But like seasoned sailors, we've braved these storms before.

Facing the Inflation Hurricane

We're not here to be tossed about by the winds of economic turmoil. We've stood tall during market meltdowns, navigated our ships through financial typhoons, and guess what? We’ll ride out this surging wave of inflation too. We’re no pushovers!

For All the Hardworking Contractors Out There

This isn’t a call to retreat. It’s a battle cry to charge forward! Look beyond the familiar suppliers. Explore alternative markets, demand discounts, wield the power of negotiation. Your business isn’t a puppet, and you certainly aren’t the puppeteer's string.

A Note to Homeowners

Your home is your fortress, your sanctuary. And in these turbulent times, it's essential to guard it wisely. Fetch multiple quotes, scrutinize prices, and keep your guard up against those looking to make a quick buck. Decide what's a fair price for protecting your castle.

We're in This Together

Remember, no one's navigating these tumultuous waters alone. As a community, we'll ensure our ship stays its course, even amidst the roughest tides. Sure, we might get a little wet, but sinking isn't in our vocabulary.

To All Reading This:

Stay Strong.

Stay Focused.

Keep Pushing Forward. 💪🔥

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