July 26, 2023

Getting an HOA approval in Shorewood IL for your roof and siding project

Getting an HOA approval in Shorewood IL for your roof and siding project

General Steps for HOA Approval

  1. Consult Your HOA Documents: The first step is always to consult your HOA's governing documents, which often include a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). These documents should outline the rules regarding exterior modifications like roof and siding color changes.
  2. Contact HOA Board or Management: Some HOAs have a specific board or committee that oversees architectural changes. Reach out to them for the necessary paperwork and to understand the specific process for your community.
  3. Submit Proposal: Typically, you will need to submit a proposal outlining your intended changes. This may include samples of the materials you intend to use, color swatches, and sometimes even architectural drawings.
  4. Wait for Approval: Once your proposal has been submitted, there's often a waiting period during which your request is reviewed. You may be asked to attend a meeting to discuss your changes.
  5. Notification: After a decision has been made, you will be notified in writing. If your proposal is approved, you may proceed with the work. If denied, the reasons for the denial should be specified, and you may have the option to revise and resubmit your proposal.
  6. Follow Up: After the work is complete, there may be an inspection to ensure that all changes comply with HOA guidelines and the approved proposal.

Additional Considerations

  • Fees: Some HOAs charge a fee for reviewing modification proposals or for the subsequent inspection.
  • Timeline: The review process can vary in length, so it's good to start as early as possible, especially if you're coordinating with contractors.
  • Penalties: Failing to get proper approval can result in fines or legal action, so it's crucial to follow all HOA procedures carefully.
  • Neighbor Input: In some cases, your neighbors may be asked to weigh in on your proposed changes, particularly if they're substantial and affect the overall look and feel of the community.

If you're considering making changes to your roof or siding, it's essential to consult your specific HOA's rules and procedures for the most accurate and relevant information.

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